Community Champions

As a Catholic school we believe in the importance of answering Jesus’ call to love our neighbour.

 We want to be responding to this call and want to invite our pupils to respond as well. We do this in many ways throughout the year through various fundraising efforts and by partnering with local charities. However, we know we have pupils in our school that want to do more.

In response to that we are starting a new initiative in January called ‘Community Champions’. This group will be made up of staff and students that care about their community and want to see STM better supporting it. This includes getting to know local community groups and working alongside them to support their work and working to improve, and care for, the physical environment. Our Community Champions initiative will provide opportunities for young people to develop their character and their leadership skills in the area of recognising needs and serving the community. Please see the letter for more information and to apply.

Deadline for application is Thursday the 22nd of December.

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