Intervention & Support

Interventions to Support Progress

It is our firm belief that the most significant impact a school can have on academic progress is what happens day in and day out in the classroom. However, some students have greater barriers to learning than others and will require additional interventions to help them overcome these barriers.

We will always prioritise supporting our students specific needs and acknowledge for some this goes beyond academic interventions.  

The table below provides examples of the interventions we have in place to support students.

Key area of needsExample of interventions available
Cognition & learning supportCommunication and interaction supportPhysical and / or sensory supportSocial, Emotional & Mental Health referral / support Bespoke packages, e.g. IDL literacy / dyslexia support 
Literacy & Numeracy
Decoding support Automaticity programmeFluency interventionSpelling & writing programmesWider reading programme Handwriting skills Reading buddies programme Literacy for Adulthood programme Numeracy programme
Academic Needs
1:1 TutoringProgress interventionsSubject specific interventionsCurriculum master classes Revision skills workshops
Learning BehavioursStudy support referral Progress Leader support / mentoring Pastoral tutor support Organisational support programme Revision skills support Attendance / behaviour support plans 

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