Curriculum at St Thomas More Catholic School.

The main purpose of the curriculum at St Thomas More is to enable pupils to move onto the next stage of learning or employment. Our curriculum policy is fully aligned to the school principles and we are proud to say that we stand by what is right for our pupils, placing their needs at the heart of everything we do.

In planning our curriculum we use an intent, implementation and impact structure. This allows us to ensure we have robust frameworks that set out the aims of learning across each key stage, how it translates into practice and, in turn, how we evaluate progress against expectation.

Assessment and Target Setting

As a school we believe that assessment is an ongoing process and underpins high quality teaching and learning. We believe that assessment should:

  • Provide information for pupils, parents and teachers on pupil progress.
  • Provide pupils with formative information on how to improve.
  • Allow for course monitoring and evaluation within departments to improve learning and teaching.
  • Act as a positive aid to the performance of each pupil.
  • Provide objective guidance on course choice and progression throughout a pupil’s school career.
  • Prepare pupils for external examinations and awards.

Our curriculum is structured into ten week modules with data entered at the end of each module in order to track pupil progress. At the end of the academic year, pupils sit formal examinations. Our Assessment and Target Setting Policy explains this process in more detail. Please contact the school if you would like a copy of this.

Further Information

All booklets linked to options will be updated annually.  If you would like any further information regarding our curriculum structure and content please do not hesitate to contact us.