Key Stage 3 Curriculum at St Thomas More Catholic School.

Our ambition at Key Stage 3 is to ensure that pupils are challenged and that they love learning. We place great emphasis on developing the right attitudes and behaviours for learning so that pupils are engaged and make good progress in lessons.

Our curriculum design is focused upon developing the key knowledge, skills and attributes that enable our pupils to become effective Mathematicians, Linguists or Historians, for example. Teachers ensure that pupils experience appropriately challenging lessons, by planning them in accordance with our STM Staged Progress Ladders, which are designed to build upon Key Stage 2 and prepare students for Key Stage 4. This ensures that our pupils are fully equipped for success as they move on in their studies. Pupils study a broad and balance range of subjects so that they are able to develop into well rounded citizens. More information on this can be found in our Long Term Plans and Progress Ladders below.

Progress Ladders

English History DT Art French and German
Maths Geography Food Music
Biology IT Drama
Chemistry PE Textiles