Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is of the utmost importance to us and our mission to ensure all students are cared for and reach their full potential. 

As a large school it is important that our pastoral care is organised into smaller and more manageable units, in order to ensure a personalised approach to each child’s care. Each student therefore will be a member of our four Houses and then a pastoral group of around 30 to 31 students.  

Each House is led by a Head of House, supported by a Deputy Head of House.  When students are in Sixth form, they remain attached to their House but their main point of contact is generally the Sixth Form team.

This structure ensures that each student is placed under the special and particular care of a pastoral tutor who monitors wellbeing, attendance, punctuality and academic progress.  The pastoral tutor ensures that positive attitudes to learning and general engagement with school life, including involvement in extra-curricular programmes, are meeting our high expectations.

For families within our school community the main point of contact will always be the child’s Head of House.  This is the person that knows each child individually and can therefore ensure a personal response.  

Families are encouraged to use the House email system or call the school on 0191 499 0111 for any contact with the pastoral team.

St Bernadette St Catherine Laboure St John Fisher St Therese Sixth Form 

Our Pastoral Team

St Bernadette
Miss Kath McNeil

Head of House
Mr Spencer Burgess

Deputy Head of House
St Catherine Laboure
Mrs Jenny Burns

Head of House
Ms Felicity Eden

Deputy Head of House
St John Fisher
Mr Alastair Young

Head of House
Ms Emily Jobson

Deputy Head of House
St Therese
Mrs Deborah Ashdown

Head of House
Mr Damon Robson

Deputy Head of House
Mrs Christine Brown

Director of 6th Form
Mrs Katie Hogg

Deputy Director of 6th Form
Mrs Danielle Forster

6th Form Support Worker

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