Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum at St Thomas More is rooted in our principles and the gospel values and is designed to support pupils’ broader development, to help them discover talents and interests. We aim to support pupils to develop their character as individuals and build resilience and confidence to succeed in the wider world, so that they are fully prepared for their next steps. Pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain by ensuring that they understand how to be responsible, active and respectful citizens and that they fully embrace and celebrate what we hold in common as well as respecting our differences, for example, regarding protected characteristics. In addition pupils are educated on how to keep safe, take care of their health and wellbeing and understand the importance of healthy relationships. Our relationships and sex education, which is explored through the Catholic lens, is supported by the ‘Live life to the full’ programme curated by Ten Ten. 

In line with our whole school approach to curriculum, our Wider Curriculum is structured around 5 key concepts, which are developed each year and planned sequentially to support progress. Each year, the crucial learning associated with each Key Concept is reshaped in line with pupil needs and shared with pupils as part of tier learning.

In lessons, pupils are supported by the tutors to play a mature and active role in their learning and support and encourage healthy and respectful debate and discussion. Pupils reflect on their learning and staff adapt lessons in response to this.

Key Concepts

  • The 5 key concepts that are the foundation of our curriculum are:
Key ConceptsDescription:
Health and Wellbeing EducationThis will cover both physical and mental health as well as personal hygiene and keeping safe online. As well as in the wider curriculum, this will be delivered through Wellbeing Wednesday’s.
Relationships and Sex EducationThis will cover healthy relationships, sexual health, puberty, sex education and keeping safe and relationships with friends and family.
Living in the Wider WorldThis will provide our students with the opportunities to be educated about things that will serve them in the wider world and will include citizenship and careers.
Developing Learning Attributes & SkillsThis concept is bespoke to STM and will teach students how to develop their learner attributes so they can become effective independent learners. It will also cover key skills such as reading for pleasure and literacy to facilitate their wider learning.
Ethos at STMEthos at STM covers all of out religious services and key themes in the Catholic calendar such as Advent and Lent. It will also cover other school activities such as inter house, and enrichment week that allows students to develop their skills through the Ethos of our school.

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