Gender Pay Gap.

Gender Pay Gap legislation (developed by the Government Equalities Office) introduced in April 2017 requires all employers of 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap for workers in scope as of 31 March each year.

St Thomas More Partnership of Schools (STMPOS) pay approach supports the fair treatment and reward of all staff irrespective of gender.

The information is based upon 243 paid staff on the data capture date of which 71 were male and 172 female.


Gender Make-up of the Trust March 2019

172 employees are Female
71 employees are Male

STMPOS Gender Pay Gap March 2019

Mean Pay Gap
Median Pay Gap


The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women.

Mean (average) Gender Pay Gap

The mean pay of female staff is 24.6% lower than the mean pay for male staff.

Median (midpoint) Gender Pay Gap

The median pay of female staff is 42.8% lower than the median pay for male staff.

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