How to Report an Absence?

To report an absence please contact the school on 0191 499 0111 opt. 1 or email

All absences will be recorded as either authorised or unauthorised. Absence can only be authorised by the school, and cannot be authorised by parents. All absences will be treated as unauthorised unless a satisfactory explanation for the student’s absence has been received.

Parents should advise the school by telephone on the first day of absence, and provide the school with an expected date of return.

Illness – Parents must contact the school if their child is not able to attend due to illness. Parents may be asked to provide medical evidence where there are repeated absences due to reported illness. This will usually be in the form of an appointment card, prescription etc.

Medical/Dental Appointments – Parents are advised, where possible, to make medical and dental appointments outside of the school day. Where this is not possible, students should attend school for part of the day. Parents must show the appointment card/letter to school.

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