Learner Attributes

At St Thomas More we focus on developing pupils’ no academic cognitive behaviours. Research shows that these behaviours are a significant indicator of academic achievement and are malleable. We therefore dedicated ourselves to developing these attributes in pupils and regularly ask them to reflect upon these. In many ways, this is a development of the idea of a ‘Growth Mindset’, understanding that attitudes, engagement and behaviours have a more significant impact upon achievement than prior levels of attainment or cognitive ability.

We use strategies within the classroom to support pupils to develop in these key areas, and regularly ask pupils to reflect upon and set targets to further develop their learner attributes. Each term, we ask pupils to self-assess their learner attributes which forms the basis of a conversation with teachers and tutors, designed to align expectations and support planning in the classroom and target setting for the pupil. These grades are agreed between the pupil and teacher and then shared with parents alongside their current attainment information.

Pupils are graded on the following criteria:

Attitude to Learning Engagement in the Classroom Behaviour for Learning
GradeEfficiency of work in lessonsQuality of HomeworkInterest and MotivationEffective listening and contributionAlways Ready to LearnRespectful of others
Meeting School expectationsWorks well and to the best of their ability. Responds to instructions in an appropriate way to ensure that time is well used.Invest appropriate time and effort to improve skills, knowledge and understanding. A little more expansion in the tasks would lead to an extension in learning outside of the lesson.Generally works hard to overcome any barriers to make progress. Is interested in the subject and can be determined to work hard to be successful.Engages with the lesson positively and asks questions. Can listen well and makes useful contributions to whole class and small group discussions.Usually gives of their best, is organised and prepared for lessons and takes care over their work. Is punctual to lessons.Ensures behaviour is good, mostly displays respect to members of the school community and is compassionate towards others during the learning experience.

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