Homework and Study Support

Homework Support

Homework is an integral part of our school routine and viewed as a strategy to hold students accountable for their own learning as they progress through the school.  

When students initially join us, they are actively supported to adapt and manage their homework in a way which builds their independence. Homework plays a significant role in supporting academic development, but we firmly believe that this should be carefully balanced to ensure that students are able to develop other interests, ensure they are well rested and to enjoy time with their families. 

As students progress in their academic careers, our expectations of what students are able to manage also progresses, so typically a student in Key Stage 3 can expect an individual homework task to take them 30 minutes. As they move into Key Stage 4, it is more likely to take them 45 minutes, or an hour in Key Stage 5.

The school diary is where students are expected to record their homework, this ensures that they can organise their time and families can see the work that has been set. 

When homework is set, we expect students to complete it, and we will follow up any non completion.

Study Support

Students who struggle with completing homework are always supported. Subject teachers and pastoral tutors are the first point of contact for a pupil who is struggling. If a student has more persistent difficulties, then our Progress Leads are on hand to support and guide. 

Students are able to attend our Homework Club base in the School Library every afternoon until 6pm from Monday to Thursday, providing a great environment to focus on their work. Additionally we also run Study Support for targeted students who need further guidance and encouragement.

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