WhatsApp Trend Alert

We would like to bring to your attention a WhatsApp group that is circulating the North East aimed at Young people.

This group encourages young people to self-harm and refers to suicide whilst promoting a point-based system.

 The group originated in North Tyneside but now appears to be growing and circulating in wider areas of the Northeast. It is currently aimed at 10–11-year-olds (Year 6) but is likely to start affecting other year groups. 

There are already 500+ members in the group, many of whom have been added to the group without their consent, by a third party because their social media settings are not secure enough. To date 3 young people have been hospitalised as a result of actions within this group. 

We urge you to check your children’s phones to ensure that they are not part of this group and ask you to make sure their privacy settings are secure.  

Please refer to the below NSPCC links for information and support in keeping children safe from online harm.



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