School Cloud

School Cloud

School Cloud is an online platform which we can use to hold virtual Parents’ Evenings, as it allows parents to book appointments with staff online and meet via video conferencing.

The web address for the School Cloud is:

Booking Appointments

We will write to you when a Parents’ Evening has been set up for your child’s Year Group, to advise of the date. We will also let you know when appointments will be open to book. After this date you can log in to School Cloud to book your appointments. The letter will provide a guide on how to book your appointments. Instructions are also on the Parents’ Evening page here.

Attending your Appointments

Please log into School Cloud before your appointments to test your video / audio connection. Once you are happy you should then click on the ‘Proceed to Video Call’ button.


A troubleshooting guide is available here if you have difficulty getting connected: Video Appointments Troubleshooting

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