Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

St Thomas More Catholic School community is a place where every individual should be treated with respect and dignity. The code of conduct exists so that the school is a safe, orderly and happy environment where students can learn to the best of their ability. 

Belonging to a Christian community means we all have to have a concern for the well-being of others and co-operate with them. The care and concern that we show ourselves and others in school should extend to our families, parishes and communities. 
The code of conduct can be summed up by our three school rules for behaviour:

RuleKey PrincipleExamples
READYAll members of the school community should be READY to learn Being properly equipped for every lesson (pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener and eraser in a pencil case, and a calculator for Mathematics lessons)
Bring the correct kit and equipment for PE and practical lessons
Instructions given by the teacher must be followed
Students must concentrate and work to the best of their ability
Students must respect the rights of everyone to learn. No-one must disrupt or interfere with the learning of others
Mobile phones must be out of sight and switched off during the day
RESPECTFULAll members of the school community should be RESPECTFUL to one another. Students must be respectful to everyone in the school community and to all people they meet outside school, including the journey to and from school – particularly on buses and school trips
Students must respond to any reasonable request made by a member of staff immediately, positively and without question
Students must always stand when an adult enters the room
Students must hold the door for anyone walking behind them
Staff will be addressed as Sir or Miss
SAFEAll members of the school community should behave in a SAFE manner at all times Movement inside and outside the school buildings should always be quiet and orderly. Students must keep to the left at all times
Students must not enter classrooms without permission
Students must enter/leave the school building by the nearest entrance/exit
Students may drink water in lessons 
Litter must be put into the bins provided
Do not bring expensive items into school 
Under no circumstances must pupils bring alcohol, tobacco or drugs into school

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