Head Boy & Head Girl

To be selected for consideration for the position of Head Boy or Girl is a real honour at St Thomas More School. Only the very finest students will make it to the voting stage.

To be eligible for Head Boy / Girl consideration, we require students to complete a variety of volunteering activities which will contribute to their own personal development and additionally to engage in extended voluntary activities over the course of the school year.

Furthermore, any student who has the potential to be Head Boy or Girl must be considered to a model student in every sense.

  • Reliable, honest and trustworthy
  • Good attendance & punctuality record
  • Demonstrate a good work ethic and be continually up to date with work
  • Dressed correctly at all times
  • A good role model to lower school
  • Actively participate in pastoral and house activities
  • Display a thoughtful, sensible and mature attitude to school

To be considered students must:

  • Complete all voluntary activities
  • Be beyond doubt a model student
  • Have the support of their Pastoral Tutor

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